My phone found me a home

September 11, 2009
Challenging Chico

Challenging Chico

I recently transferred from San Diego to Chico for school. In preparation for the move my future roommates and I came to Chico during the summer with one goal: find an affordable place to live near the school. We had researched a few spots in advance on our home PC’s but none had satisfied all our needs or were unavailable. Later, with daylight running out we took a seat and began to stress. It felt as if we were not going to find any place to call home.

But then without a computer in sight, we hit the World Wide Web. All three of my roommates busted out their phones and began searching craigslist, chicohousing.com and anywhere else they could find results. It was the most beautifully orchestrated internet operations I have ever witnessed. It could not have been more than 10 minutes that passed but we were able to find a place to our specifications and call a landlord that was available to show us a model unit.

I had just witnessed something that was not possible a few years ago or even last year for that matter. The ability to search the internet wirelessly at blazing speeds with an electronic device the size of a wallet.

And that is the power that is available nowadays for those willing to pay for it, wireless freedom of the internet and all its content.

But with this comes a new problem for all industries, especially journalists. To create content specifically aimed at the new mobile web devices and smart phones that have emerged.

According to Mike Swift of the San Jose Mercury 65 million people connect to the social networking site Facebook via mobile devices. It is clear that if a publication could customize their reporting to reach this growing market they too can have great success just like Facebook.

I now have a nice apartment to live in thanks to a handheld device and wireless internet. I would welcome new media tools and even pay extra for certain information and services if it continues to make my life run smoothly.


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