GooJo: Google journalist

October 2, 2009

A Mojo may  become a Goojo

Google is an everyday noun and transitive verb that may continue to aid journalists everywhere.

I search for story ideas and research on Google. My work at the college newspaper won an award, i found out on Google. When I wanted resume writing tips, information on scholarships and internships or the cheapest price for the AP Stylebook, I GOOGLED IT.

Google has its sights set high for the future, aiming to compete with two well established programs and a format of communication: Facebook, Twitter and e-mail. Their conduit for domination is know as Google Wave.

Google has described the Google Wave as “an online tool for real-time communication and collaboration.”

Don’t go purchase your copy of Google Wave for Dummies just yet, it is still in beta form set to be available in 2010. However the Wave has already spurred many good first impressions.

The Wave may have many possibilities for Journalist. Reporters can write articles on their PC or mobile device send them to their editors who edit the article, thats nothing new. However through a brilliant Wave feature the reporter can see each edit in the order they were made. Through the same wave the editor and reporter can communicate via an advanced form of IM that displays the words as they are being typed.

This could allow beginning journalists to get a grasp on where they need to improve and get instant feedback.

There are many features being described by Google that can also play a major roll for multimedia in journalism including easy file uploading and sharing via Wave. This could help editors communicate and receive important data from their reporters, photographers and Mojos.

It may seem ironic to use a google tool for journalism while the debate that google is killing journalism still is rampant. I welcome any technology that makes my life easier especially if Google does it right.


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