Stick this in your archive and store it

October 16, 2009

My first computer was used by my entire family which meant that memory got filled up quite fast.

I can recall times when i would transfer my files to floppy disk. FLOPPY DISK! (the bane of my existence). We would use the floppys because our computer featured a 20 gig hard drive, the latest version of the iPod has 160 Gigs.
Memory has become remarkably cheap, a welcomed helping hand in media storage availability. The first computer i ever had only had a 25 Gigabyte hard drive, the latest version of the iPod has 160 GB.

This revolution in storage capabilities has enabled a whole new way to work for everyone. As a photographer it is important that i have a good amount of space for all my images. The new digital technology allows for photographers to take hundreds more shots than ever before. There are many web sites that offer image hosting and organizing such as photobucket, flickr and shutterfly. The 10-year-old shutterfly even allows you to keep full resolution of your images.

Even g-mail features over 7 gigs of space for your e-mails. Simply attach, or copy & paste, that 15 page term paper to an e-mail and you can access it anywhere in the world (even if your dog ate your homework).

The web is also an outstanding tool for archiving newspapers, no longer do researchers have to go to the libraries for to search through older newspaper documents (granted the archives include pre-internet content). Although some, like the New York Times, charge an extra cost for viewing articles online, the advantage outweighs the negatives and even saves a tree or two in the process.


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