“For more information please go online.”

November 13, 2009

If I had a dollar for every time I have been told to “go online for more information,” I would be a rich man.

I could not even register for school correctly without having someone at the information center tell me to search the school’s website for the answer. It feels as if I have wasted a lot of time by not going to the Web in the first place.

The information we seek is going digital; all the world’s knowledge and intelligence available at your fingertips from anywhere at any time. Now especially since memory and data storage is remarkably cheap it is easier than ever to chronicle the life and times of yesterday and today on the Web.

Want to know who the world-champion hot dog eater is? Google it. Want to learn of Leonardo da Vinci’s amazing inventions? Check out a museum’s Web page.

Sometimes I feel like Belle from Disney’s Beauty and the Beast when she first enters Beast’s library and discovers the huge amount of books she did not even imagine existed. The Web is a digital library of knowledge, and as with any library there are the good and bad sources.

The people at the information center were a bad source because they just referred me to a place I already knew had the information. Sometimes I feel like I will never ask a human a question again because they will either not know the answer or simply tell me to Google it.


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