Jurassic Farce

November 20, 2009

June, 1993. Like an the enthusiastic six-year-old I am, I anxiously await this new movie. It promises to bring my fantasies to life: Humans on a crazy adventure with dinosaurs.

Jurassic Park is the pinnacle of dinosaur adventures, Michael Crichton’s vision is beautifully illustrated. Steven Spielberg used groundbreaking computer generated dinos to usher in a new era of film making.

But as my father assured me, I was to afraid to walk down the street because I was convinced a Velociraptor would eat me, those dinosaurs are not real.

I was deceived, it happened again in Forrest Gump. Tom Hanks, although a great actor, never met President Kennedy.

The technology is out there, and it is being used to make what is false look real.

Simple things that professional ethics would prevent most responsible journalists from doing are causing news everyday, from an airbrushed photo to a hyped up uncredited rumor.

These things can cause a mass hysteria at times, and you may not realize at first how false a source is because it is polished so well. Just like those damn dinosaurs on Jurassic Park.

Its also why I have a good laugh every time I am at the grocery store and I see Batboy staring at me, i know that is not a source for truth.


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