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December 11, 2009

“But first let’s get right to the news everyone is talking about: Monkeys!” – Stephen Colbert.

Stewart and Colbert to some are now names that are synonymous with the news. These funnymen host half-hour “comedy-news” shows that air at 11 p.m. on cable network Comedy Central.

Small broadcasts and newspapers focus on their communities while national publications and shows focus on more worldly news, Steward and Colbert highlight the lighter side of the news. John Stewart’s The Daily Show often takes the beat less covered and its ‘reporters’ make reports on the news you most likely wont see on CNN.

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Although John Steward will tell you that his show is for entertainment purposes only, a great deal of Americans, mostly in the 16-30 age range, say their only source of news comes from these shows.

Furthermore a poll by Time Magazine showed that since the passing of Walter Cronkite, John Stewart is now America’s most trusted newscaster.

These are positive results for the future of journalism. It shows that a media source that finds its niche can certainly stay afloat and be a successful source of news for consumers. The critically acclaimed Daily Show with John Stewart may no longer be a small niche but it definitely has its target audience.

The standard journalism model is changing, these comedian pundits are part of a strategy that works.


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